Thursday, January 10, 2013

San Martino Church by Teresa Dominici

Happy New Year everyone!

I had a lovely break from painting and spent some quality time with friends and family this holiday.

Here is a little 8"x10" painting that I never got a chance to post of San Martino church on lake Como.

San Martino is a small church perched on the mountain side above Griante, Lake Como.  It's official name is "Santuario Della Madonna delle Grazie di San Martino", but most everyone simply refers to it as San Martino. 

Once we arrived at the church of San Martino, we were rewarded with spectacular views of Lake Como. From the small plateau on which the church sits, we were  able to see Bellagio, the town of Griante directly below, and the large mountains that line the eastern shores of the Lake such as Legnone and the Grigne.