Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Gondolier on the Grand Canal Painting by Teresa Dominici

Here is the final version:

 A Gondolier on the Grand Canal.

We felt very welcomed and comfortable in this city. Venice is the perfect city to wander in. 

The buildings lining the Grand Canal were all originally palaces and the Grand Canal was their Main Street, so their elegant facades face this canal. All buildings situated on canals have doors that open to the canal. This was the front door. You can transport yourself to another time when you look at these palazzi. The buildings have many window boxes with flowers and this is the only greenery you will see in the city. 

The top tourist attractions in Venice is the Rialto Bridge, the biggest and most beautiful bridge spanning the Grand Canal. It is filled with souvenir shops. Climbing to the top of the bridge allows an excellent view point of the Grand Canal.
The other big attraction is Piazza San Marco, home to a huge open piazza. It is surrounded on 4 sides by buildings. There are hundreds of pigeons in this square. One end of the square is dominated by the stunning San Marco cathedral.