Friday, May 24, 2013

Current on the Easel - The American Wigeon Painting, Study

American Wigeon, 12"x16" acrylic on canvas, I used a number of photos taken on this location to sketch this composition back at my studio.

For birders and wildlife enthusiasts this Batiquitos  lagoon is a must see, for information,

The American Wigeon has a reddish-brown body, and a speckled grayish head that is plain in females and boldly patterned in males. Its bill is blue-gray with a narrow black border at the base, and its feet are dark gray. Apparent in flight, the speculum, or wing-patch, is dark iridescent-green, looking black at times, with white on the fore-wing. The male has distinctive, black under-tail coverts, a white forehead, and iridescent green band sweeping back from the eye. Females, juveniles, and eclipse-plumage males lack these markings. Males are usually in eclipse plumage in the post-breeding, per-migration period from July to September.