Sunday, May 3, 2015

Piazza di Spagna - Commission

The most famous square in Rome, Piazza di Spagna.

The Piazza di Spagna is connected to the Trinità dei Monti, a French church situated atop a hill, via a long staircase, the Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti, better known as the Spanish Steps.

The staircase consists of 137 steps over twelve different flights. It is especially beautiful in May, when it is decorated with flowering azaleas.

In front of the Spanish Steps stands the "Fontana della Barcaccia". The fountain was commissioned by Pope Urban VIII and was completed in 1627 by Pietro Bernini and his son Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The fountain has the form of a sinking ship and it is said to be based upon a folk legend.  

The legend says that a fishing boat was carried away to this exact spot during the flood of the River Tiber in late 16th century. 

The Trinità dei Monti is a beautiful French church located on a hill overlooking the small piazza della Trinità dei Monti. From this square, you have an nice view over the city.