Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Giardini Naxos Painting

I have been rather quiet for many month on all my blogs and other sites that I belong due to some medical issue that required lots of visits to the doctor and two surgeries. I am feeling better and slowly getting back to work.

Today I finished the "Giardini Naxos" painting,  12"x16", acrylic on canvas.

 Giardini Naxos
12"x16", (50x50 cm),
Year Created: 2015,
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This is the view from the beach at Naxos - Taormina and Castelmola clinging to the Tauro mountain above the bay.

Why the Greek name "Naxos"- it was the first landing place for the Greeks when they took over Sicily. More on,

Giardini Naxos has two beaches, one is the Recanati Beach and the other is the one in the center, at the main beach-road, Lungomare.

The beautiful town of Taormina is situated in the hills above Giardini and can be easily accessed by car and bus.