I am excited and honored to have been chosen by Angie Alaniz, to be featured on VacationDiggs.com, the post is titled Art & Travel Go Hand-in Hand,

 by Teresa Dominici, on December 01, 2013

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I am honored that my blog "Teresa Dominici Art" has been selected and featured at "Painting Skiathos, Greece by the artist and good friend Yvonne Ayoub".


by Teresa Dominici, on December 14, 2012
I am honored to have been chosen to be featured for the month of September, 2012 at "Regina Swarn Music and Films Network",


Thanks for always being such a great friend Regina!

by Teresa Dominici, on September 20, 2012.

From Greece with Love by Wayne Saunders

I am just happy to be part of this great book by providing the art of this cover.

Brief introduction of  the book:Sam Martin has lost his wife to cancer. He’s withdrawn and his neighbor and  daughter are worried about him. He and his wife had planned a trip to Greece, a  place they’d both fallen in love with.  They were to spend four weeks in a villa  enjoying the country and each other under the Greek sun but that would never  happen.
Sam, after some personal deliberation and persuasion, from his  daughter and neighbor, decides to honor his wife's last wish for them. As his  last act of love for his departed wife he'll fulfill their plans and travel to  Greece, to the island of Skyros, to fulfill her wish. Sam doesn’t count on  meeting Monique Granos a woman that was born and raised in the islands of Greece  and has come to her home on Skyros for a vacation. 
They meet on the  ferry and Sam’s life begins to change with an innocent request for dinner.   Changes he wasn’t prepared for; changes that will alter his life.

This novel is currently available through Amazon.

Visit Wayne Saunders and his books at http://waynesebooks.weebly.com/.
by Teresa Dominici, on June 22, 2012
Original Gifts from Zazzle

I am excited and honored to have been chosen  by Anne Vis  to be featured on  Inspiring Gifts  for a  "Special feature", http://inspiring-gifts.blogspot.nl/2012/08/special-feature-teresa-dominici.html.
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